To be best among the departments in Computer Science and Engineering and to benefit the society globally by producing world class engineers, researchers with excellent analytical, logical, communication skills and with ability to work in every type of environment


To establish as a Centre of Excellence in Technical Education and to produce well qualified under graduates, post graduates and researchers in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.

Research Projects

  • UGC Minor Project DNA and Quantum Computing Application for Testing VLSI Circuit 2007-2009, Principal Investigator: Dr Amardeep Singh (Amount =85000)
  • UGC Major Project Non conventional computational techniques for modeling and simulating the sequences of bio-molecules database 2011-2014, Principal Investigator: Dr Amardeep Singh (Amount = 6.50 lacs)

Ph.D Completed

  • Number of Ph.D. Students Registered: 54
  • Number of Ph.D. Students Enrolled: 28
  • Number of Ph.D. Completed: 12

Ph.D Completed

    • Journals: 487
    • Conferences: 178