Students of Computer Science and Engineering Department, Punjabi University,Patiala once again lighten up the name of the University at the international level when our student Sahibpreet Singh became the First Data Scientist in Punjab to become 3 times Expert and
12th in India On Kaggle. Kaggle is a Data science platform Owned By Google where over 1 lakh Data Scientists practice their Data Science and Machine Learning Skills globally. It took him 1.5 years of Hard Work to reach this feat.On this achievement of the students, the
Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. BS Ghuman congratulated the students and encouraged them to participate more in these activities. Congratulating the students, The Head of the department Dr. Raman Maini said that the students of the department are setting new benchmarks in the market day by day.


we are #proud that our Team Baval including Bavalpreet Singh and Sahibpreet Singh have participated in first Data Science Hackathon organized by IEEE #CharusatUniversity Student Branch,it was 30 hours nonstop event where they have to do Network Analysis on famous web series #gameofthrones,Baval grab the #1st position and sahib grab the 2nd one. There were in total 300 teams across the globe from various prestigious institution like IIM’S, University of Salford, University of Greater Manchester and many others.It was a tough competition and a marvelous experience. #achievement #oneteam #proudmoment